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The club was formed in the early 90s; the aim was to promote and enjoy off-road driving in vehicles of all marques. Membership, over the years, has tended to run at around 100, with both single and family memberships.

Since forming, the club has been involved in a number of activities orientated toward off-road driving and the promotion of the sport. Attending shows, Rally Recovery, Marshalling, and Green Laning. As a motor club, we are associated with MotorSports UK (MSUK) (formerly MSA), which affords full liability insurance for all our permitted events and includes the club, officials, drivers, and the landowners.

Events & Competitions

All events require the vehicles to be scrutineered by our scrutineers prior to the vehicle being allowed on the course. This is for your safety and to ensure vehicles meet the minimum specifications for that event.

Off-Road Trails

(Hard style RTV)

This is for the more experienced driver and/or modified vehicles. The terrain the course is set out on is more demanding than a TYRO and damage may be caused if driven incorrectly. It involves negotiating through 12 sets of gates without hitting any or stopping forward motion. The gates go from 12–1, a touch will gain you the score of that gate, the winner is the person with the least points!

Tyro Trials

Tyro Trials are aimed at newer drivers and more standard road-going vehicles. Drivers can be 13yrs+, this is intended to build confidence in oneself and one’s vehicle.

Trials take place on a monthly basis, usually on the 3rd Sunday, gaining entries from a wide range of vehicles, including Series Land Rovers, 90’s, Disco’s, Range Rovers, Suzuki’s, Toyota’s, Jeeps, Lada Nivas, amongst others.

Orienteering Punch Event

Known to some as a ‘punch hunt’, locating punches and marking your card which is fitted to the vehicle. This is a fun event for all drivers and requires a navigator. It involves driving around a large site locating orienteering style punches. The vehicle is driven to the punch and a control card fitted to the vehicle is punched to prove you have been there. The winner is the team with the highest score.

Challenge Weekend

During the summer months we hold a social camping weekend, incorporating a mix of events, usually a trial on the Saturday followed by a ‘orienteering punch event’ on the Sunday.


For more information, please get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as we can.