Responsible Off Roading

In The North Lakes Area

About the club.

The club was formed in early 1991, its aims to promote and enjoy off road driving in vehicles of all marques. Membership tends to run at around 100, both single and family members. Since forming, the club has been involved in a number of activities orientated towards off road driving and the promotion of the sport. Attending shows, Rally Recovery, Marshalling and Green Laning. As a motor club we are associated with the Motor Sports Association (MSA), Association of North & Eastern Car Clubs (A.N.E.C.C.) and Cumbria Motor Sports Group ( C.M.S.G.).

The club mainly promotes trialing, as this is what the majority of member’s desire. This is divided into two categories, RTV - Road Trim Vehicles, that are basic road going motors with mud tyres fitted and Tyro trials which are aimed at the complete novice, drivers can be 13yrs+, with a standard vehicle and are intended to build confidence in oneself and ones vehicle. Events take place on a monthly basis, usually on the 1st Sunday for Tyro and 3rd for RTV format, gaining entries from a wide range of vehicles, including Series Land Rovers, 90’s, Disco’s, Range Rovers Suzuki’s, Toyota’s, Jeeps, Lada Nivas, and others including Hybrids.

During the summer months we hold a social weekend, incorporating a mix of events and other fun type activities on the Saturday followed by something more competitive on the Sunday.

Growing in popularity, the club promotes several "Challenge" events throughout the year. The nature of these events is to obtain a number of orienteering type punches, secreted around an off road venue. Certain events are exclusively designed for winch equipped vehicles only! We insist at least a roll ‘hoop’ is fitted to soft top vehicles but most competitors are fitting full cages due to the potentially dangerous nature of these events.

Green Laning

Politically sensitive at any time, the club attempts to educate its members to be responsible in their use of lanes. Encouraging club members to only use lanes once their legal status has been checked with the local authority definitive maps. Consideration being given to weather conditions, vehicle numbers [max 4 in a group]and weights, these should be seen as opportunities to enjoy the countryside not a challenge of the terrain. Associations with L.A.R.A. (Land Access Rights Association), have been made and the club has a delegate attending regular meetings with National Park, County Council and other representatives of countryside users. The club has also taken part with road maintenance and rebuilding schemes in the National Park. A regular task has been the maintenance of Gatesgarth Pass.

The club has previously been involved with outings for less able bodied groups over a number of years. However with Health and Safety and Risk assessment this has not been possible of late. The aim was to take groups of people into areas of the countryside that would typically be impossible for them to venture into. This is an area of the club that involves "posh motors" although it has been noted that some of our passengers would have liked to have had a go in a trialer, on terrain a little more challenging!

Support of other motor clubs is quite common, with some of our members regularly taking part in Rally Recovery and Marshalling, on events such as the Pirelli Rally, the Hill Rallies in Scotland/Wales and the BORC events.

Summer months see the club attending a number of vintage and classic type shows. Drumming up business for potential new members and hopefully informing the public as to what we are about.

If any of these sound like the kind of activity you want to get involved with, contact us for one of the least expensive types of motor sport.